Materials system & chains

A suitable material for every situation

The Carryline installations are made of aluminium or stainless steel.


The aluminium profiles are anodised for corrosion protection. Lubrication of the chains is unnecessary. This makes the aluminium chain conveyor system suitable for high-demand environments such as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stainless steel 304

Carryline’s stainless steel transport systems are easy to keep clean. Dirt and rinse water can run off through a drainage channel. Naturally, all screws, nuts, shafts and pins in the chain are made of stainless steel.

In stainless steel systems, the connections are welded together. To maintain the Plug & Play principle, it is also possible to mount the components with a stainless steel connection strip.

The profiles of stainless steel are mainly designed for the food industry with its specific and strict hygiene requirements. These profiles are also suitable for application of conveyors in wet environments.

Materials chains

The product is transported via chains. In the standard version, these chains are made of acetal: a strong, hard and above all form-retaining plastic with very low frictional resistance. It is the highest quality plastic that is approved for contact with aliments. Carryline produces all chains and plastic parts under its own management. There is full control over the quality.

In addition, the chains are available in two non-standard materials: nylon and stainless steel.