Carryline system & design

Modular chain conveyor system Carryline excels in user-friendliness and flexibility. It is suitable for conveying all kinds and shapes of (packaged) products in a variety of ways. Transport horizontally, up, down, over a short or longer distance, (partly) at height or not. Making a crossing, going through a bend: this and more, it is all possible. Moreover, the possibilities continue to increase through continuous development.

The basis of the system consists of a number of components available from stock. These can not only be combined among themselves but also with third-party system components to form a complete conveyor system.

Drive units, straights and bends are some examples of such components. The addition of extra components makes it possible to perform specific actions such as clamping or rotating products.

The components are designed according to the Plug & Play principle. With the simple assembly and quick, effortless configuration, the system can be put into service very quickly. You can make adjustments yourself, expand your systems or build completely new conveyors. Does your production line need to be modified? We quickly adapt your Carryline conveyor system by adding new components to your existing installation.

Customization for your specific situation

The modular design of the Carryline program has been developed to build solutions with standard components in a short period of time. However, more is possible. Experience shows that situations arise where the standard does not provide a solution. Does this also apply to you? Where necessary, we carry out customization especially for your product and/or specific situation.