Chain types

Many different chain types are available within the Carryline program to enable the conveying of all kinds of (packaged) products. Below are some examples of the different chain types:

  • ‘low friction’ chains
  • heat-resistant chains
  • anti-static chains, in combination with anti-static slide rails
  • flocked chains, especially for fragile products/packages
  • chains with carriers, available in different versions
  • friction chains, can be used among others, with raising and lowering of products
  • chains with clamp profiles, available in different versions

Spiral chain

The spiral chain deserves special attention. The spiral chain can be twisted up to 14º. This enables continuous vertical product transport in a spiral shape; it concerns the spiral conveyors already mentioned under vertical transport.
The spiral chain is available in widths of 83, 140 and 220 mm.