The modular Carryline concept explained

Endless options with interchangeable components

The Carryline chain conveyor system is a modular system. The components can be combined with each other and with other system components to form a complete transport system. Moreover, the components are designed according to the Plug & Play principle. This not only ensures fast installation of your product conveyor system, but also minimum delay for any future reconfiguration.

Each Carryline conveyor is assembled from standard components. The image below shows an installation with a Carryline ‘System 220 mm’ conveyor. The six numbers in the image correspond to six different standard components applied. To show an applied component:

  • Hover over a number with your PC mouse.
  • Tap a number via the touchscreen of your tablet or mobile phone.
Carrryline modular chain conveying system

The six highlighted components form the basis for this particular setup. It concerns:

  1. Drive unit (chain width) 220mm.
  2. Frame (chain width) 220mm.
  3. Support stand 80/80 profile
  4. Guide rail bracket 18mm.
  5. Horizontal plain bend (chain width) 220mm., radius 600mm., 90 degrees.
  6. Idle unit (chain width) 220mm.

However, there are many standard components available to make a conveyor or a complete product conveyor system suitable for a specific application. On this website, you will find more information including photos of completed projects to give you an idea of the many options and possibilities.