Horizontal & vertical product transport

Horizontal transport

For conveying your products over long horizontal distances, we use our standard chains. Even with conveyor systems with several bends, only one drive is sufficient. The number of transitions is therefore minimal. In addition, the conveyor systems in the standard design are suitable to absorb a small amount of accumulation during minor interruptions in production.

Vertical Transport

With a vertical conveyor, you can bridge a height difference with minimal use of your valuable floor space, for example, to another floor or a mezzanine (platform). Depending on the capacity to be processed, we opt for a continuous or a discontinuous solution.

For continuous vertical transport of your products we apply our side-grip conveyors or the Spiral Conveyors. There are also many options for the designs of the spiral conveyors, such as a version with several conveyors within one basic frame.

The side-grip conveyors clamp your products from the side and raise or lower them as desired. We also use side-grip conveyors to create passageways. This keeps the machines accessible to your employees at all times.

Carryline Twister

The Carryline Twisters are designed to tilt packages 90º or 180º. The Twister consists of two twisted chains. During transport, the products are tilted smoothly in a continuous movement. The dimensions of your product partly determine the correct version (the required length) of the Twister.